Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I'm baaack.

In North Carolina, I spent my days reading & eating..occasionally wandering outside to, at times, 50 degree + weather.

Back in Cleveland, my car is completely snowed in and I'm back at work to my cubemate throwing a temper tantrum.

more to come..


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My cube currently smells like meat....



-clears throat-...meat

This is in thanks to the weird (and wonderful) Lauren Spisak and her Meat Air Freshener. I..just don't know what to say ;)

In addition, I also got in this morning to the treat of:
Santa Claus conquers the Martians - If you say that, no, this couldn't possibly be a movie about..say..Santa Claus being captured by a bunch of green'd be wrong. dead wrong. It is. I look forward to watching it and, I am sure, incorporating it into a sordid drinking game.

Also, I now own a collection of werewolf short stories. Seriously awesome :)

Lastly, we have a cool present for Genevieve, but, seeing as she reads this blog, I will not post that. She shall have to wait.
This Christmas is already shaping up excellently :)

Totally unrelated. This is creepy:

And, oh, our hot water works in the bathroom again. I did not have to resort to breaking into Adam's house to use his claw footed tub. I am sure I would have had a b*tch of a time prying Lauren out of it, anyways.


Monday, December 20, 2004

I hate winter already.
So, yesterday, the pipes in our bathroom froze (resulting in no hot water in the sink and NO water in the shower). Unfortunately, the pipes are located in such a way that the only way *I* could see to get to them was to somehow get between the stairs to the basement. Not weighing 30lbs though, this was pretty impossible. So, I had to call our landlord, who will hopefully call back today to let us know he’s sending a plumber over.

Then, later that day, due to the incredibly shitty roads, I had to cancel plans to meet with my mom (the only chance I’ll have until after Christmas).

Finally, this morning, my car wouldn't start. It sounds like the battery is pretty dead. I *hope* it’s just the battery. I didn’t leave anything on, so I don’t know the cause of the problem, but I’m going to try to jump it tonight, after I work my 10 hour day (to make up for the vacation time I don’t have, but plan on using over the holiday season).

On the upside, on Saturday, I got to enjoy *two* awesome Christmas parties, thanks to Mike & Liz (find out what we had here) and Lauren, where I also learned two valuable lessons:
1) Any story which starts out “So I was hooked on tranquillizers” is guaranteed to be good
2) When Santa starts trying to tie Christmas to monkeys, it’s best just to smile and nod, he’s obviously gone mad.

Then, this morning, I got a Christmas present from Adam. A collection of horror stories by Richard Matheson (one of the writers on my favorite of all series, The Twilight Zone..the original, obviously, not the 2 crappy rehashes that have been out since).

Always look on the bright side of life..-whistles-


Friday, December 10, 2004

Since, for some reason, my sister's comments are not working (maybe it's just me), I would like to take a moment to address something she mentioned on her blog.

"Taking the Christ out of Christmas"

I'm not trying to be the crazy heathen here, and I know this goes more than a bit off-topic, but this phrase (oft repeated during the holiday season) kind of bugs me, as it's simply wrong.

It's been pretty much agreed upon by religious scholars, that, based on the text and descriptions within the Bible, Jesus would have been born in the spring or summer, not even in winter.

The tie to the month of December was formed when the Christians were converting the people of Pagan religions over. They moved it to December to coincide with the winter holiday, Saturnalia. I guess they figured that, if they could make a little compromise, they'd be able to convert more people (they were right). SO, technically, Christ was put *into* Christmas, not the other way around.

But don't take my word for it. Do a google search for:
the real origins of Christmas

You'll pull up pages likes:

Even this site, a Christian site, admits that Jesus was not actually believed to have been born on Dec. 25th:

Taking the "Christ out of Christmas" is not an attempt to bring the world closer to a society dominated by materialism and commercialism (I don't think we need any help with that), but simply an attempt to appease *all* people. Yes, you might celebrate Christmas, but Joe Bob next to you might be Jewish and celebrate Hanukah and, next to him, might be an atheist, just enjoying the winter season with friends and family.

Yes, I use the phrase "Happy Holidays". Why? Because part of my in-laws are Jewish, my family is Catholic, and I have friends who are atheists. "Happy Holidays", to me, accepts *all* of their beliefs with a phrase of well-wishing which excludes no one. There's nothing political about that.

I'm not saying we all go back to pagan traditions, or that Christians shouldn't be allowed to involve Jesus in their holiday celebrations. In fact, I believe there's no reason a Christian family shouldn't take this season to have their own religious celebration of Christ's birth (regardless of the actual time). What I ask is for those people to do like Christ would have done and open their minds and hearts to people of other backgrounds and beliefs, that they will celebrate the holiday season in their own way. The winter holiday season is a time to be with your loved ones, not to play a pissing contest on whose God (or lack of) is better.