Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Restaurant Biz - Day Five

Well, with any job, no matter how much one enjoys it, there comes a day when everything just isn't-so-rosy. Monday was that day for me. Maybe it was because, for some reason, I woke up cranky and my regular 9-5 job, well, my day was not going so hot. So, I was, more than ever, looking forward to heading into the restaurant. I think, in part, that was my problem. I was looking for this other job to somehow make up for the shittiness that happened for the other 8 hours of my day, which, really, is alot to expect.

So, I arrive in to find out that it's just me and the head chef (not the owner, the other cook). Now, as I think I've mentioned, this guy..well, he's not a bad guy by any stretch. In fact, he's damn good at what he does and I think he has alot to teach. It's just that, he's not exactly warm fuzzies. Not that he has to be, but while everyone else that works there is gregarious and friendly, he's often quiet and reserved, doing his job. That said, I've often thought, because of this, *he's* the one I can really learn the most from. Anyways, it's just us, so it was kind of weird for me, as that's the kind of setup I'd expect them to have for paid employees. It's not to say that made it alot of work, it was really dead and he could have easily done the job without me, it was just odd.

I did learn quite a bit though: from how to make their chipotle cream sauce (no, I will not be sharing), marinade their chicken/fish to step-by-step instructions on many of their dishes. Really, the cook talked alot and really made more of an effort, than ever before, to try and pass on his knowledge of the process to me. Probably his biggest piece of advice, to me, was to not get discouraged that I wasn't learning much about the grill:
"I want you to learn the [process] of how we put things together. When you learn the sauces, the ingredients, and how they are all made, you will better understand what you are doing when you are at the grill"

I'm set to go back on Friday, it should be a good chance to really do some hands-on work again.