Monday, January 24, 2005

Restaurant Biz - Day Six

Another Friday. These weekend nights are such a mixed bag. On the one hand, we're busy, so I do actually have to work for my keep, but then, the work is the only way I am going to learn any of the real goings-on, so I really do enjoy it. This Friday was not too bad. It wasn't ever crazy-busy, but it was steady from about 7:00pm on. I didn't do much I hadn't done before. Since we were busy, this didn't include much prep. Mainly bussing tables, doing dishes, keeping us in stock of the essentials (rice, beans, cabbage, etc.), so I didn't get a chance to use my new 12" chef's knife (thanks dad!) or even take them out of their carry case (thanks again! ;).

As I was getting ready to go, though, the head chef did come up and ask me what I thought of all of this now:
"Well", I replied, "I like it just as much as when I walked in the door the first time."

To which he replied, "that's good. I'm actually happy to hear that. We'd hate to have you just walk out the door."

So, I am hoping this bodes well. I am working tonight, but will not be working the rest of the week (heading out to NYC on Thursday)