Monday, January 10, 2005

Restaurant Biz - Day Two

This time out, I chose a Saturday to stop in, figuring that the bustling nature of a weekend night would give me a clearer view of the industry. In reality, not much changed, there was just *more* of everything. There was also more trust, luckily. At least, enough so that I was sent out twice with a handful of cash to get change/food stock and trusted to return (even though they actually do not have my last name OR phone #). I was also relied upon to do more prep: chopped some cabbage and shredded more pork and beef that I believe I've ever touched in my lifetime. I even learned to use the cash register and, though I've not actually been taught, I believe I could make one of their burritos with minimal problems (as it's a favorite there and I saw quite a few being made).

I also got sat down by the owner and was given a little talk about the business. The owner is a very traveled fellow and most of the experience and recipes he picked up, he did so whilst traveling around the country. Though this is not going to end up my method, it was really cool to hear how he did it. Oh, if I didn't say it before, this guy is really cool about this whole volunteer thing and seems to want to offer me all the knowledge he can, at every step. I really couldn't of picked a better place. Now, the head chef, who is the one working most of the time, he's been a little more reticent, but he's coming around. I think the fact I showed up for a second day earned a couple points in this book. Though, he did say to me:
"So, you hate it yet?"
-laughs- "Well, not yet."
"It's okay, I will teach you to hate it."

That said, I had a great moment that further cemented my desire to doing work like this. While there was a little down time, everyone there got around to shoot the shit and just started talking about food: about the transitions from the original recipes to the various riffs chef's do on them. It just brought a smile to my heart to be among these people, some awfully jaded, and know that, despite their attitude, they were in it for the same reason I was, the love of cooking and of food. Having a conversation like that and have it be related to my work was so much better than here, where a similar conversation would have to do with a new way to add statues linking

Oh, I did lose a bit of thumb while chopping cabbage. Nothing big though. At the very least, nothing I haven't done before. It's such a pain, though, because I *know* better. I know the correct hand position to use. I just get into chopping, don't pay attention and, next thing I know, I'm shoving my hand in my pocket to keep from bleeding all over the floor. The only added plus of it was that everyone steered me away from dishes from then on.

So, I am scheduled (by me) to go back in on Tuesday. I will let everyone know how it goes.

In other news, I saw the first movie from my 50 Sci-Fi movies DVD set, which I will give a quick mini review here:

The Horrors of Spider Island - The tale of a crash into a deserted island, which leads a man to be bitten by a spider and become a horrible mutant man, bent on MURDER! Okay, that's what it's *said* to be about. What it *is* about is to make as many excuses as possible to see women in their underwear (this was the 50's or so). So, of course, the crash involved not only guy-who-will-become-monster, but also 7 dancers (one or two, of course, strippers) who were going to Thailand, though I'm not quite sure why. Honestly, there is about 45 minutes in the middle of the freggin movie where you don't see any of the monster. You do, on the other hand, see a catfight where (surprise, surprise!) women's skirts get torn and pulled off. You see the women get their chance at being rescued and celebrate by "dressing like natives" (i.e. in tiny bikinis and dancing around with their male rescuers). The monster finally makes his comeback, at the very end, to kill off a few more folks and meet an untimely death himself. Sadly, this movie has 0 to do with Sci-Fi, as it had very little (if any) science, in it. But, that's not to say, despite these "faults", that it wasn't fun. It was actually tons of fun, in that laughable "it's so bad, it's good" way. Honestly, the movie is soo preposterous and silly that you can't help but at least enjoy it, even if it's not exactly high art.

Classic line: "Shee's been strangled! By a spider!"