Monday, February 07, 2005

A few random things for today's blog.

Restaurant Stuff - I worked this past Friday (I had Saturday off, probably the only time I'll have this day off in a long while). The work was steady, until some guy decided to put in a walk-in order for 15 people (!!). You know, you just don't walk into a small, busy restaurant, on a Friday night, and ask for a take-out order for 15. As the owner later said, "that's catering stuff. If you want to feed that many people, you get a caterer." I mean, the place I work at only *seats* about 18-20 people, so you're talking about the equivalent of almost the whole restaurant ordering at once. We ended up having to call the owner in to help out on the grill. Even then, we had to tell people, who were there, that it would be a 45-minute wait for their food. To the head chef and the owner's credit, they *did* bust ass and get the orders out at a crazy rate, but still, it was not fun. On the upside, I did get a visit from Genevieve and Kerry at the restaurant. Unfortunately, they came just-in time to get the 45-minute delay, but they (or anyone else, for that matter) didn't seem to mind. I made sure to do my part and make their chips & salsa and lemonades (which is about all I could do). Either way, it was nice to see them.

About 9:00pm, the place died down (except for a group of people who seemed to think that the restaurant was their own personal bar and, despite the fact we close at 10:00pm, didn't leave until 10:30 or so), so we got a chance to recoup and make it out of there by 11:00pm.

Saturday and Sunday, we kind of laid around the house. I played (too many) video games on Saturday. Oh yeah, side story: so I got this plug n' play video game system called Super Player III. It's 76 old NES games in a joystick, which plugs into your TV. Here's the thing though: it's a bootleg system and most of the games are of the older/less fun NES variety. Granted, there's some diamonds in there, including: Kung-Fu, Arkanoid (a game I used to play habitually on my old C64 when I was a kid), Super Mario and Elevator Action. But there's also alot of games like "Monkey", a blatant rip off of Donkey Kong Jr. (which is also, strangely, included), except every character only has one color and it plays some funky Kraftwerk-esque music (not that that's a bad thing ;) and "Space ET" (which is Space Invaders, except some of the aliens have a weird smile on their face). In order to supplement these games, you're supposed to be able to plug in regular NES games, using an adaptor, to the bottom. So, I got the adaptor and some games. But, trying it out on Saturday, it plain -does-not-work. So, my chances of playing Zelda and Ninja Gaiden are just thrown to the wind. Bah!

Sunday, while Genevieve worked on some resume and portfolio stuff, I watched another movie from my Sci-Fi DVD collection, "The Unknown World". A mini-review follows.

I had hopes for "The Unknown World". The blurb described a group of scientists who tunnel into the earth, with unexpected results! A big fan of "Journey to the Center of the Earth", I was thinking I might be treated to, at the very least, a Jules Verne rip-off. Sadly, the film's one "magical" scene made no sense at all. Here's the premise: It's the Atom age, mankind is set to blow itself up any day now and our only hope for survival is to burrow deep into the Earth's crust, into some expansive underground cavern (how they know it's there, I have no idea and it's never explained, but through the film, they have a "map" of an area that supposedly no man has ever been). 6 scientists develop a drilling machine to explore this new area, bringing along the playboy financier, who pays his way onto the trip. So, down they go! and down and down...
and really, not much goes on for about...45 minutes. They drill, they go out to explore, a few people die (strangely, this only mildly upsets anyone), they continue to drill, they explore, more deaths. The whole time, we're treated to badly lit shots of Carlsbad Caverns and some of the worst acting of the time. Finally, after about 45 minutes (which is somehow supposed to be like a week or more), they reach their destination. A huge underground paradise, complete with a waterfall, a beautiful ocean and....sunlight...
Wait.. a.. minute..sunlight? Yea, supposedly they are 1650 miles under the earth, but somehow it's a sunny la-la land. Anyways, their joy is short lived as they discover (through a pair of bunnies) that nothing can give birth in this area, that it makes every being in it sterile. How they come to this all-encompassing conclusion from two bunnies, I have no idea, but then again, earlier in the movie, a scientist argued that the inner core of the planet is actually *cooler* than the outside, so it's playing really loosely with science already. So, this paradise is now "a graveyard" and they gotta head back up. At first, some "force" pulls they down, beyond what their handy machine reads at "the farthest point" (point of what?). Then, miraculously, it spits them up. Straight up at what, according to the machine, would be at about 500mph or so (they can easily walk about the cabin though). Finally, they are on land again! 5 people have died and mankind is now completely doomed, but damn, are they happy! The end.