Wednesday, February 09, 2005

It is Ash Wednesday, the time where good little boys and girls, like Mr. Harvey shall be fasting.

In celebration of that, I would like to encourage everyone who reads this blog to post their favorite food dish, described in loving detail. Feel free to post as many dishes as you'd like. I am sure he will truly appreciate the sentiment.

One of my favorite dishes (when eating out) is El Tango's chicken quesadilla. Not something for those watching their weight, it has cheese on both sides. The center filling is all gooey and yummy, topped with a spicy, tender marinated chicken. The outside has bits of crisp cheese on it, sprinkled with "magic", a very sweet and spicy sauce and chili powder. The meal is finished off with a small salad with homemade salsa and a chipotle cream.

My favorite dish (to make) currently is a Chile Relleno casserole. Layers of homemade refried beans, marinated "pork" and roasted poblano peppers, all topped with smoked pepper jack cheese. I served this with a side salad, topped with roasted poblanos and roasted chili corn, then finished off with a chipotle cream sauce. Genevieve actually has a picture of it and, if she has it at work, I encourage her to e-mail it to me.