Tuesday, February 15, 2005

People are cheap.

So, being Valentine's Day, I thought yesterday was going to be my "Big Tip Day" at work. My hope was this: people would be going out, having a good time with their significant other, feeling like the "man" (or "woman") and, in an attempt to show off, start throwing money around, namely in the direction of our tip jar. Shoot, maybe just feel pity on us schmucks who, instead of spending time with our lovely wives, were working all night to feed them. Sadly, we had no such luck. As Genevieve pointed out, the problem seems to be that we don't have a wait staff and that people think, unless they have someone waiting on them, they don't have to tip. Now, we *do* take your food to you, we set the table, we clear the table when you're done and we keep the pitchers of water in fresh supply. We do everything but take the order at your table. I guess this isn't enough. So, despite being pretty busy, we only made $12.00 each (myself and the head chef) in tips. That's including one large table that was generous and kind enough to leave us a $10.00 tip.

I was also told to make sure I keep any large bills out of the tip bucket. I guess, sometimes, people will make like they're leaving a tip and, in fact, swipe a few bucks from the tip jar. (Once, this happened right in front of our head chef, who caught the guy in the act). I hadn't heard about this practice before and it pisses me off to no end. To people who do that, I want to go to *their* place of work and start taking money out of their wallet while they're in the bathroom. Then, when they come back, beat them with a large stick. I mean, seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people? Here's a clue to people who do this: the restaurant industry pays infamously shitty. The people serving you your food are not driving home in their Lexus SUV to their Bay Village house. You dipping your hand into the tip jar is low low low. Now, I know that nobody who reads this blog would even think about doing this, it just ticked me off and I wanted to rant.

On the upside, I came home to a lovely surprise from Genevieve: she'd laid out a couple glasses of wine and some chocolate covered strawberries, all by candlelight. (Plus, she'd cleaned the house, which, coming home from 13 hours of work was absolute bliss). It was an awesome and romantic ending to the day :)