Friday, February 04, 2005

Restaurant Biz - Day Whatever

I talked to our head chef last night about, well; getting a schedule that might leave me with a smidgen of sanity. I had to be firm, as the statement "I can work 3 days a week, 4 if somebody calls off" ended up translating to, in his mind, "I can work 4 days a week." Despite my apprehension, it was actually not a big deal. As long as I agreed to work Friday and Saturday nights as two of my nights, they were fine with it. At least he seemed so, we'll see how it goes and if I'm being called again every day next week.

Now, with any other job (and I've worked PT jobs that did), requiring me to work every weekend would be a no-go. But, I'm going into the restaurant business; I prepared myself to lose my weekends a long time ago. I'm suprised it is so soon, but it was simply a fact that it was going to happen.

So, last night. I really felt like I got my first real taste of the pace of a kitchen. It was just the chef and I and, around about 7pm, we got hit. Now, the more things I learn to make, the busier I get at these times, so I was trying to balance: taking orders, dealing with the increasing pile of dishes, refilling prep trays and putting together people's chips and salsa, guacamole, nachos, drinks, etc. I handled myself pretty well, I thought. The only times I got screwed up is when I didn't have a guacamole ready by the time the rest of the take-out order was and when I completely blanked on which of the tables out there were supposed to get an order of chips.

Once the rush was over, it wasn't too bad. I pounded out the dishes that were sitting there, got the dining area swept up, shook out the rugs (I am *still* picking grit out of my hair from that one) and started helping get the place closed up. I also made a few bucks in tips, which was nice. Someone also left an unopened Pacifica Beer at a table, which was even nicer :)

I'm heading back in to work tonight. I believe there will be three of us working tonight and, if so, and we reach a point where they want to send someone home, the person I've been working to cover for this week better *not* raise her hand. That's all I got to say.