Monday, March 07, 2005

In like a Lion..

So, after February being dead-dead-dead at the Restaurant, the arrival of March seemed to spawn an immediate and ravenous need for people to go out to eat. Friday started out easy. It was slow enough that there was talk that one of my fellow dishwasher/server/whatever was going to go home early. Then -bam- we got hit with a crowd that kept on until after close. In fact, a small table of two was there until almost 11:00 (a full hour after we close). It's the policy there not to kick anyone out, but I do wish people would have more consideration. The time spent by restaurant employees after close is the worst. Not only is the whole rush of the kitchen out and we're really just left to sweep/mop/scrub everything, but also, in less abstract terms, we are getting the worst money of the night. Every hour we spent working when we're open is an hour we can count on not only our base pay (which is admittedly shoddy), but tips as well, which definitely contribute. But, after close, that all ends. We're only making base pay and, trust me, for that amount, we do not want to be hanging around the restaurant for hours waiting for people to leave. So, I was dead by the time I left and unfortunately missed what sounds like a kick ass party.

Saturday was even busier. From the moment I came in at 6:00pm till pretty much close, we had people lined up waiting for tables. At one point, I just had to stop getting people's orders to give the cook a little time to catch up. (After all, even if I took them immediately, they certainly weren't getting them any faster). Now, as I've mentioned, we're a small restaurant, we only have about 6 tables, so it doesn't take much before people are fighting for a seat (which makes the person who orders something really small and then have 3 friends, who didn't order anything, hang out with them and drink for quite awhile, all the more annoying). All in all, it wasn't too bad. I didn't get out early, like I'd really hoped to, but I made good tips and I didn't end up being the one stuck with mopping (which I hate).

You know, with all this bitching, it sounds like I've already grown bitter and weary of the restaurant. This is truly not the case. The work, the place and the people I work with are awesome, it's just the customers that sometimes get to me. So, if only we could get rid of them, I'd be set.