Wednesday, March 02, 2005

So my sister has now come and gone and I got to see her for a total of about 2 hours during the whole trip. This seriously sucks. It seems that everything conspired to plan against us. First, on Sunday, we headed up to Great Lakes Brewery for a few drinks, but she started...erm..puking. So, she headed home. Then, Monday, when my family was all supposed to come up to the restaurant, while I was working, she still wasn't feeling well, so that got nixed. Finally, yesterday, she was going to drive up to visit me and head out to this show a friend of mine was putting on, but we then get our (hopefully) last big snowstorm of the year, killing traffic in all directions and making what would have been normally a 45min-1 hour drive into something that could possibly have taken 2 hours. She, obviously, opted not to try the drive. All of this combined to put me in a foul foul mood yesterday. *Big* apologies to those I was a complete asshole to.