Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Today I mourn the death of one of my favorite local Mexican dives: Taqueria Guadalajara.

Their menu was mainly dominated by standard Mexican chain fare (lots of combination plates), but for those adventurous enough to check out their page of tortas and tacos (along with the weekend specials..all served with fresh homemade tortillas), you would be met with some of the best, authentic Mexican food in Cleveland. They served a torta al pastor which was not to be beat.

But, since taking my restaurant job, I'd stopped going. Plus, the only thing that Genevieve could eat there was their mushroom taco (and, frankly El Tango, a few minutes away in Lakewood, serves a better mushroom dish). This changed this past weekend, when I was overcome with a burning desire for the above mentioned torta. So, we headed down to Lorain ave. Unfortunately, the Taqueria is gone without a trace, a Middle Eastern deli sprung up in it's place.

It will sorely be missed.