Thursday, April 07, 2005

I don't usually do meme's, but since I was called out by name by the Cat that is a Dave, I am thinking I better ;)

You’re stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?
Though I went through a period of devouring lots of "Big Brother" sorts of novels last year or so, I, unfortunately, somehow missed or decided not to read Fahrenheit 451.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
When I was a little kid, I had a crush on the princess in 'The Black Cauldron'

The last book you bought is:
The Riversong Lodge Cookbook: World-Class Cooking in the Alaskan Bush, purchased for just 0.25 at the local thrift store. I haven't had a chance to make anything from it yet (though there is a recipe for homemade clover wine which sounds interesting).

The last book you read:
The Making of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman. The book chronicles a culinary education through the top school in the country, The Culinary Institute of America. An old friend of Genevieve's actually knows the author and I got some contact info for him, but I thought, before I do so, I should really read his book first. Also, since I knew I would not be going to CIA (for various reasons), I wanted to at least find out what I was missing out on.

What are you currently reading?
Nothing, currently. But, I do have a hold on the following books, at the library:

  • Opportunities in Culinary Careers by Mary Deirdre Donovan
  • Careers for Gourmets & Others who Relish Food by Mary Deirdre Donovan
  • Culinary Arts Career Starter by Mary Masi
  • The Soul of a Chef : The Journey Toward Perfection - another book by Mr. Ruhlman. This one has 1/3 of the book dedicated to Cleveland local chef extraordinaire Michael Symon (of Lola).

Five books you would take to a desert island.
The Joy of Cooking (hey, even on a desert island, a guy's gotta eat)
The Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut
The Bible (at the very least, a great time sucker)
The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe (goth, I know)
Cerebus: Church and State Vol. 1 & 2

Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?
Alesha, since I know how much my sister loves to read.
Lauren, because this quiz is right up her alley.
Adam, so he doesn't feel left out and cry like a little baby.