Friday, April 08, 2005

Lopez Bar & Grill

I'm not quite sure how I managed to remain ignorant of Lopez up until last night. Located just steps from the Cedar Lee and serving up some unique Noveau Mexican cuisine (something I only discovered, really, when Genevieve and I headed to California for a trip), it must've taken some sort of mental block to have kept me away for this long. But, last night, with our kitchen a mess, we decided to head out to eat and try something new. So, Lopez it was..finally.

Walking in the door, we were greeted by a huge sign:
Cheap Tequila! Tuesday and Thursday Nights!

Being a Thursday, I was already feeling pretty good about this place.
We were seated promptly and ordered a few margaritas (which were half price). I got a traditional, which was excellent and Genevieve got a strawberry, which was a bit sweet for me and a bit boozy for her, but as the ice melted, she warmed up to the drink (pun intended). For a meat eater, like myself, the options were crazy. Lobster enchiladas, Mahi Mahi plates, and fish tacos...but there was one thing that struck me when I was looking up reviews for Lopez and that was their duck quesadillas, so I ordered that. Their vegetarian menu was less substantial, but Genevieve was able to get a mushroom quesadilla. While waiting for the entrees, we snacked on the free chips and salsa, which were actually quite good. The chips were light and not too greasy or salty and the salsa, your standard cooked salsa, was tasty.

The entrees arrived in good time. It didn't feel like we were being rushed, not did we ever start wondering where our food was. My duck quesadilla dish was simply amazing! The duck was soft and buttery, marinated in a peppers and orange, served with strips of roasted poblanos over homemade (yes!) tortillas. The only odd thing was that it didn't have any cheese (!), something I thought was kind of a prerequisite for a Quesadilla. But, the dish was so impossibly flavorful and yummy, I certainly was not complaining. Genevieve's mushroom quesadilla was excellent, as well. Marinated and grilled mushrooms, topped with goat cheese and wrapped in another homemade tortilla, it had a wonderful earthy, meaty tone to it. It didn't even bother me that it was better than my mushroom quesadilla, which I'd been very proud of.

We opted not to have dessert, despite the temptations of a Mexican bread pudding dish that sounded amazing.
The only bad part of our experience is that we hadn't heard of it earlier!

(Side Note: The prices were above those of your standard Mexican restaurant with entrees ranging from $12-20.00 and appetizers hovering around the $8.00 mark. That said, I definitely felt like the quality of the food was worth the extra cost. Just keep that in mind, should you choose to visit.)