Monday, April 04, 2005

A Weekend in the Business...

So I worked this past Friday and Saturday at the Restaurant. Friday was nothing to write home about. I spent most of the evening throwing down fries and prepping plates. For some reason, though I was only there for 5 hours, it felt like I was there for *days*. It simply dragged. I looked at the time, at one point, hoping it would be just an hour until I had to leave, only to discover I had only been there for just 2 hours. In the end, even though I left early, it still felt like I had been there all day. I was terrified of the next day though, where I 'd be working a full 8 hours. If 5 hours were bad, what would 8 hours be like?

As it turns out, not so bad. I got in at 10am and spent the first 2+ hours just prepping, which I (weird enough) kind of enjoy. There's a certain zen-like quality in prepping a mass amount of food. Plus, someone brought in donuts, which was, of course, a bonus. I, then, helped out on the line for a bit and got a chance to meet Chef Frank, who had worked there for many years. He was an older man and not very talkative. But, I did manage to engage him in a bit of conversion about biking. He's been carless for 14 years (ever since his kids were out of the house). I can see doing something like that in a big city or in the South, but in Ohio, with its occasionally harsh winters, that's pretty hardcore.

Oh, so you should probably know, the restaurant I work for now isn't really known for their hot food as much as their desserts. In fact, their desserts are pretty famous (and freggin amazing, might I add). So, in the morning, while I was prepping food, I couldn't help but notice the pastry and bakers in the back, getting that day's sweets ready to go (the kitchen is divided in half, part of it is the grill, steam tables, etc., the other half is for the bakery). The great divisions in the environments amazed me. While the kitchen is hot, loud and frantic, the bakery was the epitome of cool. People moved around slowly and with purpose. No one talked. They simply worked slowly and methodically, the only sound being the background hum of the freezer. I actually liked it quite a bit. It's another point where I find I like the bakery life better for me than the kitchen (the other being the early morning hours). It's too bad that, overall; I have no interest in baking and pastry arts.