Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Genevieve and I are going to the dentist today. This will be the first time I've been to the dentist in, literally, about 10 years or so. Maybe more.

I have no toothaches, no loose or missing teeth and I brush regularly, so I suppose I don't have too much to worry about. But, having not been since I was a kid, my only notions of the dentist are those of a little kid (i.e. complete terror). I just wish they could put me under, take care of me and send me on my way, groggy and with a mouth full of cotton.

It's a big "doctor visits" week in the house, as well. Byron had to go into the vet last night. As most of you know, last year Byron developed a small circular bald patch on his back, between his shoulder blades. Well, the other night, it reappeared. Considering how the first time it happened, we waited awhile to see if it would heal (which it didn't), this time we took him right in. They gave him some shots and the usual meds and ointment that we need to give him on alternating days. It wasn't a good day for Byron, overall. During the day, we had some maintence men come in to work on a clog in drain in the back house (which is on the same line as our house). This involved going into our basement and they, apparently, were not paying attention, as we came home to find Byron nowhere in sight! We called to him and heard him yell back..from under the house!! He had been under the crawlspace for half the day! Luckily, being a good (and frightened) kitty, once I opened the door to the basement and called to him, he appeared in the space under the stairs and we picked him up and dusted him off.

Anyways, so Audrey is also scheduled for a vet appointment today. She has this chronic ear fungus that occasionally gets bad enough that it spreads to her eyes. So, we have to take her into the vet to get more meds for that. We're told it's something that probably started when she was a kitten (she was rescued from a crackhouse over near Metro - which is also why her growth is stunted). I shall be glad when all these doctor visits are said and done.