Monday, May 16, 2005

A million and one uses for Strawberries..

I'm still amazed. We found a way to use a while box of strawberries (6 pints) in a matter of days. During our weekly trip to the West Side Market on Saturday morning, Genevieve decided that she wanted to make strawberry jam. So, we picked up the previously mentioned box of strawberries (as well as the obvious pectin and mason jars). So, on Saturday night, while I watched the most disappointing 'Alien Planet' on Discovery Channel, Genevieve was sterilizing jars and boiling water for the pressure cooker/canner. She decided to do a three berry (Strawberry, Raspberry & Blackberry) mix, which turned out most deliscious.

Then, on Sunday, we had (inspired in part by Cooking Light and mostly by Genevieve's mom, who made a far superior version of this when we visited last) strawberries in a meringue shell. Unfortunately, the meringues did not turn out. Previously, when I'd attempted to make them, they turned out a little sticky and chewy, I assumed from too little cooking time. This time, the recipe called for a full 3 hours (!!) at 250. I ended up taking them out after 2 and half hours, when they were definitely done. In fact, they ended up being overdone and fell into a cracky mess at the touch of a spoon. They still tasted good though.

Then, of course, Fruit Salad!

Lastly, I am finishing up the final pint just as a snack to take to work. Most yummy!