Monday, May 23, 2005

Our weekend, part 1:

As Genevieve mentioned in her blog, this past Friday was our five year wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we both took the day off of work and enjoyed a 3-day weekend together. Friday morning, I made our weekly trip to the West Side Market, picking up our groceries for the week, as well as supplies for a picnic that afternoon. I put together some tofu wraps with tapenade, sun dried tomatoes and onions, soaked in balsamic vinegar. It's a recipe I used to make quite often, but hadn't done in quite awhile. We took those and headed out to the Rocky River Metroparks, to the spot where we were married. Luckily, the weather held up much better than it did five years ago, when it was (even for Ohio) unseasonably cold. Instead, though it was a little chilly, we were able to enjoy our lunch and rest a bit in the brief Ohio sun.

Then, we got home and packed up for a small trip. After dinner, we planned to drive to Norwalk to stay at The Victorian Lady Bed & Breakfast for the night. Dinner was at The Flying Fig, a restaurant we've been to a few times and enjoy quite a bit. It felt weird eating so early (since Norwalk is such a drive, in order to get there at a reasonable hour, we had to have dinner at 5:30), but the meal was, as always, excellent. We both started out with a salad (Genevieve: a spring salad with strawberries, walnuts and feta. Me: a Caesar salad with prosciuto) before moving on to our main courses. Genevieve got a fried tofu dish served over soba noodles. I picked out a seared duck breast over a duck roulade. Both dishes were excellent, though the sauce in my duck dish was a bit too salty. We finished off by sharing a molten chocolate cake and some french press coffee.

Once dinner was finished, we headed out to Norwalk, which took less time than I thought it would (just a bit over an hour). The Bed and Breakfast was beautiful and we stayed at the Graham Suite (which you can see on their site, linked above. The name was kind of a misnomer, as I thought a suite had to involve multiple rooms, while this was simply a very large bedroom and bathroom). The bed, a king size, was huge and fluffy beyond belief! I've found that many bed and breakfasts try for one of two things: country charm or great opulence. This one was of the latter.

Breakfast was a bit of a mixed bag, though through no fault of the owners. It started off with a plate of deliciously moist muffins and poached pears, in syrup with homemade whipped cream and berries. All of it was excellent. Unfortunately, though, the main dish was an individual serving of soufflé (with ham) served with sausage. Though I enjoyed the rich soufflé, the inclusion of ham made it inedible for Genevieve. We, unfortunately, had forgotten to mention that she was a vegetarian and, by the time we had sat down to breakfast, I believe it was too late. Still, the food was awesome.

We took a scenic route most of the way home, stopping over in Crocker Park to get some groceries at Trader Joe's and take a quick walk through the Farmer's Market that was there that day (which was okay, but not terribly impressive. I still refuse to believe anyone is growing apples in Ohio at this time of year)

To be continued...