Monday, May 23, 2005

Our weekend, part 2:

Okay, where did I leave off? Oh yea, so we got home in the early afternoon on Saturday. We had a simple lunch of leftover chili and some grilled cheese sandwiches and decided to head back out to enjoy the beautiful weather. So, we hooked the bike rack on the car and went down to the Towpath Trail. It was a great day for biking south, as a tailwind kept us going at a pretty good clip for about 8 miles. But, when we decided to turn around, it was a different story. The wind that was once our friend battled us the whole way back and we felt lucky to have not pressed our luck to have gone farther.

For dinner, Genevieve took control of the grill for some very yummy grilled veggie sandwiches, served with grilled corn and a bowl of grilled peaches (covered in a vinegar and sugar sauce). We ended up having lunch outside, as well, since the weather was so nice. This was also the first time we had hauled out the grill this year and look forward to doing more very soon. Unfortunately, a grill of the size we have now won't make much sense in NYC, so it's going to have to go before we leave. So, we'll take advantage of it while we can.

Sunday was the most relaxed day of the weekend. We started the day with an early morning walk in the Chagrin Metroparks. Since we'd biked the day before, we decided to hike instead and followed a ravine path for about a mile each way, which seemed like small potatoes when we normally cover 20+ miles on the bike in just a little bit longer of time. But, it was a fun easygoing morning. Dinner was my modification on a Thai stir-fry chicken recipe, with tofu instead. It turns out quite good, though I missed the Thai basil we normally use (which gives it that distinct flavor).

...and that was about it. Besides some movie watching on Sunday.