Monday, May 09, 2005

Sickness does not agree with me

Maybe this seems like an obvious thing. After all, who really likes getting sick? But, I'm not someone who goes gentle into that good night. Maybe that's why, despite the waves of queasiness that started on Friday, I still made lunch on Saturday, even though the smell made my stomach churn or biked 20 miles on Sunday (during which time I felt fine, I should add.)

At first, I thought I had Mi Pueblo burritos to blame (which Greyson and I had before band practice on Friday and have made both Genevieve and I sick in the past), but as the sickness worked on through to Sunday, I doubt that was truly the cause. As a minor reprieve, my sickness did not start winding up until practice was almost over. So we did get a couple new songs worked on (including one downtempo/ambient song which is turning out to be very interesting and fun). I am hoping to get together a show in the next few months. I just need to figure out a bill that'll give us a chance to play with some new acts.

I seem to be feeling better this morning, though I still have no appetite.

On the upside, I did get to spend alot of time outside on Sunday. Besides the bike ride, I hung out with Genevieve while she was planting new additions to her garden (and was led around the backyard by Byron on a leash. I tried to take Audrey outside, but the leash bothered her too much.) I am glad winter seems to finally be done in Cleveland.