Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I am quite geeked right now. You see, I just got my autographed copy of Shotgun Wedding's album 'A Big World of Fun'.

Oh, hold on, let me rewind a bit here...

For one, I am not the sort to generally go crazy over an autograph. Probably the only other signed item I've owned is a NON poster, signed by Boyd Rice. I've had the chance to get autographs from alot of other artists, many of whom I like quite a deal, but it's just not my thing. If I get to meet someone whose music/book/movie I like, I am happy to just have the memory of meeting them, I don't really need them to sign their name on a product in order to make that memory more real. (note: Dad might comment in here how I used to go to comic conventions, when I was a young goob, and get comics signed. That was a different story, that was a commodity ;)

Anyways, this one is kind of special. You see, a few weeks ago, I ordered a cd by this band Moon Seven Times from Half.com. When I received it, enclosed with the cd was a note, telling me that the mother of the singer of Moon Seven Times (Lynn Canfield) was selling some of her daughter's cds on ebay. Namely, the last cd Lynn produced, this time under the band name Shotgun Wedding. (To make things more confusing, I should point out that I got into all of this through the band Area, who also had Lynn Canfield on vocals and is an excellent example of ethereal goth 80's stuff. Projekt Records material before Projekt Records existed). So, I think my joy in this cd isn't so much in the autograph, but the process. That one person tipped off another (me) to a good deal and then the knowledge that, somewhere in Illinois, this person's mom (who, other than the cd's, sells jewelry on ebay) brought this to her daughter to sign. It almost makes the whole thing more personal than if I had just gotten it at some show, if that makes any sense.