Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back from Vacation

Nothing overly fun to report. Well, besides heading out to see 'Batman Begins' and dinner at Fire, but Genevieve chronicles that well here. Other than that, I played alot of video games on my not-so-trusty Genesis, watched Gremlins with the Commentary on (geeky, I know), had an awesome lunch at Lelolai (tres leches cake...mmmmmm) and did some cleaning. big fun.

Oh, also did some biking at the "Bike and Hike Trail". The trail is part of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and was really nice, for the parts we could ride (we were met, on either end of our ride, by a very steep uphill climb and a chunk of trail which is on the road, which then appears to hit a trail going back the way we came). Recommended for those who have ridden the Towpath to death, as we have.

That's about it...