Sunday, July 17, 2005

Today, Genevieve, Kerry and I went to Taste of Tremont, an annual celebration of the restaurants within Tremont, as well the neighborhood itself. I hesitate to say it was our last time going there, since I love it so much I would probably schedule a trip home, just to go. That said, I was filled with a little sadness, knowing it would be our last time as Tremonters. We took full advantage of it though.

We started our grazing lunch with a stop by Sokolowski's (a polish cafeteria and well known local establishment) to grab their impossibly good Perogi (matched equally in it's tastiness by it's artery hardening abilities). Unfortunately, we had to enjoy our perogi under the safety of a nearby overhang, as a harsh storm swept in and pelted the area with rain. But, within about 20 minutes, the rain let up and street began to, once again, fill with people.

Next up, we stopped by Grumpy's stand, which we were a bit suprised to see, as it's original location had burned down awhile ago and had yet to reopen in it's new location. But, we were happy to see them up and about at the festival and enjoyed a couple yummy kabobs (which seemed to be the food of the day, featured at no less than 3 stands, in different forms). Genevieve had, of course, a veggie kabob, while I chowed down on a spicy sausage one.

Just a few stands down from them was La Tortilla Feliz, who we make a point to visit during every one of these type of events (as they're always there). I grabbed a small pupusa, which was very enjoyable, if not completely fireworks to my taste buds.

After that, Genevieve and I split a pasta salad from 806 Wine Bar and ginger limeade, care of Theory. Neither of the offerings did much for us. The pasta was certainly serviceable, but nothing to write home about and the ginger and lime drink scored sour faces from everyone. Genevieve did take a trip across the street and pick up an excellent little bowl of watermelon, topped with honey and mint from the newly opened Lolita though, thus proving that Michael Symon can take any basic ingredient and give it a twist to make it great.

Genevieve finished things up with an awesome berry and chocolate dessert from Sweet Mosiac, while I, not in the mood for sweets, grabbed a apple and jalapeno slaw from SouthSide, which was so good, I was scraping the cup to get every last bit.

I did return a few hours later, on the hunt for frozen bananas (which had sold out), but instead grabbed a certainly worthwhile (but not *the best*) burger, also from SouthSide.

I'm sad the festival is over, but I look forward to seeing how the neighborhood's culinary offerings evolve, through the years to come.