Friday, July 29, 2005 has been hectic today and I need a break from it. So, a few rants I've been holding onto.
First up...

eHarmony - Finding everlasting love with 29 Dimensions of Compatibility - except sexual orientation

For those of us with cable, we've all seen the eHarmony commercials, ad naseum. It starts with a wholesome looking fellow, Dr. Clark, coming on TV and telling everyone that he's found the key to "long lasting, meaningful relationships", as various couples relate their heartwarming stories of meeting through eHarmony. But, something always seemed off about the ads. First, it was the lack of well...non-white people. Apparently middle-class white people were not only the best examples, but only examples eHarmony could come up with for their ads. (They did add one black couple, about a year after their commercial debuted).

The second thing you'll notice, and this is more subtle but MUCH more sinister, is that the implied message is that you're going on eHarmony to find a person, not to date, but to marry. There's a definite reason for this that Genevieve and I only discovered this past week. The head of eHarmony, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, is also the publisher of many books through the evangelical Christian group 'Focus on the Family' and has close ties to Dr. Dobson, the conservative head of 'Focus on the Family'. If all this Family talk. In fact, if you happen to be among the group of Americans who are gay, well, you are completely out of luck, eHarmony offers absolutely no option for homosexual relationships on their site. All of these facts turn, to me, a commercial which was once mildly annoying into one whose message that only straight Christian white folks can have meaningful relationships pisses me off to no end. Obviously, I was never going to visit eHarmony in the first place, but I encourage all your single folks to pass this info on to your single friends and boycott this site.

In more lighthearted news, as most of you know, we have some pretty trashy neighbors. It all started well enough, with a single mother moving into the upstairs apartment with her son and daughter. Then, the first boyfriend (we're currently on #2 or 3) moved in with his 2 kids, the wal-mart lawn chairs went up on the completely dirt front "lawn" and the bottles of Wild Irish Rose began to show up all over the place. Then, the trash started lining the side of the house. Half broken grills, moldy and soiled baby strollers, random junk that makes our once nice looking house into something straight out of West Virginia. were increasing on a daily basis. Then we discovered that, through all this *great* upkeep they were doing, they weren't even paying rent. Yup, 2 months and going and they haven't paid a cent of rent to the place. The landlord is in the process of evicting them, but they've either ignored or refused all notices he's sent them. All of this and they live like they own the whole house. The other day, as they sat in our front yard, their conversation got so loud that, on one of the few nice days of summer, I had to shut the front windows so we could hear ourselves think. (Which, despite Genevieve's protests, I had to do with a slam). Needless to say, I plan on leaving them a few "going away presents" on our last day there.