Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Well, I promised a review of Stevenson's and now, as I sit here with it settling in my stomach, would be as good a time as any.

Through a horrible traffic jam and pouring rain, we slogged our way into Euclid. A small shack on Lake Shore Blvd., Stevenson's was the poster child for "hole-in-the-wall." Inside, it wasn't much different. To the left, a grungy bar with the most basic grill and deep frier behind it. To the right, well, not much..unless you count a minature bowling alley machine and a lonely table in the corner.

Sitting down at the bar, Adam and I both ordered a 'Big Guy' and an order of onion rings. The only staff was a friendly older couple, with the guy taking orders and the wife (?) on the grill. Service was prompt and it wasn't long before we saw our burgers sizzling away on the grill. Once cooked and stacked, my first thought about the burger was "massive!" Here we had two half pound patties, topped with cheese and a fistful of lettuce with special sauce (something mayo based), served between grilled buns which just couldn't support the quantity of the fillings. Piled on the side, there were the onion rings. To be honest, the rings didn't do anything for me. Deep-fried, direct from the bag with no accompaniments, they were just too bland, especially when coming from my last restaurant job, where we made all the rings in house.

Anyways..the burger. Let me get it out of the way, yes, this was the Best Burger we've had in Cleveland...so far (we have only hit 2 other places in town). It was greasy, juicy and practically ate the bun it was on. This was a good thing. It wasn't fancy, in fact, the menu only had 3 choices ('Big Guy', 'Little Guy' and Cheeseburger). They were there to do one thing: serve burgers. Looking for blue cheese and roasted peppers? You're at the wrong place, pal. On the other hand, if you're looking for a massive burger dripping with goodness that will guarantee that you'll be ripping through napkins like it's going out style, those flimsy bar stools are your transport to burger heaven.

We're not announcing a winner yet, there's still alot more burgers in Cleveland to try, but at least now we have a benchmark against which to judge all others.