Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yesterday, I caught the premier of Anthony Bourdain's new show 'No Reservations'. For those who don't know who Tony Bourdain is, imagine a chain smoking, foul mouthed, anti-veggie asshole of a chef, who somehow manages to pump out highly entertaining books and TV shows. This is as opposed to that Gordon Ramsey fellow, who just looks like an asshole without the redeeming entertainment value.

Mr. Bourdain's show is on the Travel Channel and features a weekly trip to some location, where he seeks out food and culture way off the beaten path. After watching this show and reading his books, I begrudgingly have to admit, I kind of relate to him. I don't know if this means I'm an asshole, I've certainly been called it enough times that it may be so. But, his philosophies on getting away from the tour busses and iternaries and reaching out to local culture really jives with my sense of what I want my travel experiences to be like. His basic work ethic of "show up on time and work hard while you're there", well, it might not so much apply to my current job, but it's something that originally, to me, seemed jerky in how he presented it, but really just boils down to an anti-slacker attitude, which I can relate to (even if I continue to slack at my current job).

Anyways, in this past week's episode, he hit Paris, which must've been a no-brainer for the Travel Channel (he spent part of his youth in France and his restaurant, Les Halles is French). Overall, the episode succeeded in getting Genevieve to yearn to return to France and wax nostalgic about her trip there. It really did well in giving a feel for the culture. We each had our segments we could have done without though. For Genevieve, it was the trip to the meat market, where wild boars, fur still attached, hung by hooks on the walls. For me, it was a section of Absinth, which employed lots of special FX to give the feel of a strung-out hallucinatory experience, but really came across as really silly in a show otherwise very built on reality.

Well, that's it for now. Oh yes, Adam and I are finally heading to Stevenson's tonight, on the recommendation of FoodGoat. I'll be sure to post a review here tomorrow.