Friday, August 26, 2005

Since I left work on Friday, last week, it seems like I've been eating like a madman. Hitting the houses of friends I might not see for a bit and restaurants I've either wanted to try or try one more time before we leave. It started on Saturday with the party.

Then, Sunday, we went over to Kerry's house for dinner. Drinks were a fab, a mix of mango and vodka (the name slips me) which was deceptively easy going down. On the side, we had a slaw with a lime dressing which was crisp and refreshing. The main course was black bean empanadas with cheese and bananas. The bananas worked really well with the savory beans, a idea I will definitely be stealing (along with the puff pastry crust, since I've had such bad luck with empanada crusts in the past). We finished things off with a nice orange sorbet. Much thanks to Kerry for a great dinner!

The next day brought another dinner party, this time at Adam's house. He started things out with a glass of sweet chardonnay and some cheese and crackers (this all sounds very quiet and refined, but it was, in fact, very casual). The main course was a vegetable moussaka (which you can read about here). That, of course, was excellent. For someone who claims not to be able to cook, I've seen nothing but good things come from Adam's kitchen. Dessert was strawberry shortcake (with homemade cake!). It was soo good and very summery. I wished I could have eaten more, but after 2 helpings of moussaka, I was stuffed to the brim. We all talked for a bit before Genevieve and I made the long (5 minutes or less) walk home.