Saturday, August 27, 2005 I was saying, before I stuffed my face with some freggin amazing kielbasa (topped with kraut, of course)...Wednesday:

Lunch, I got to spend with my Dad and his wife, Sally. They'd come into town from Louisville to pick up my Hammond Organ and store it for me while we're in NYC (a fact I am immensely grateful for, as I really didn't want to sell it). We had some time to kill while waiting for Adam to get off of work (he was going to help up move the organ, but we ended up being able to do it ourselves, but that's neither here nor there), so we all stopped by a local sandwich shop called Take-a-Bite. Despite being almost around the corner from our house, this only marked our 3rd trip there. Their hours, which mainly cater to the lunch crowd, just clashed with our work and life schedules. But, I was glad for a chance to stop by one last time. Their sandwiches, though not outstanding, are consistently fresh and yummy and perfect for the summer day lunch in the park we decided to do. I grabbed, among other snacks, a Marco Polo, which is their wednesday special. Imagine two layers of ham, turkey and cheese, batter dipped and fried to a gooey, heart-attack-inducing pile of goodness. It was, far and away, the best thing I'd had there. I find myself already craving another. The weather was beautiful, it was great to see my dad and Sally before heading to NYC and the food was just awesome, it all made for a really nice lunch.

Dinner, we had with my mom and Joe down at this place called Fulton Bar & Grill. Fulton is another place that serves excellent food, is a quick drive away and yet..this also marked our third time. For this one, it was completely my fault. At some point, I'd gotten it into my head that Fulton was pricey (which it's not really), so I avoided us going as a regular place. The truth of it is that, though they're not like Johnny Mango cheap, they are very reasonably priced, especially with the quality of the food there and there's really no reason why we couldn't have gone there more. Anyways, like lunch, we opted to sit outside for our meal (though the temperature had dropped a bit, it was still very pleasant). Dinner was very slowly paced, allowing us to talk for quite awhile and enjoy a very relaxing meal. Genevieve and I started things out by sharing a pistachio and carrot posticker appetizer plate. It was good, but even though it's more conventional, I enjoy the potstickers at Peking Gourmet more. For my dinner entree, I picked up a pork tenderloin, grilled with a chilli rub and topped with bbq sauce. On the side, I had some coconut milk soaked collard greens (which were soo impossibly good, I was saddened by the sparse quantity on my plate) and a sweet potato tamale. I can't lavish the same praise on the tamale, as it was kind of bland and, personally, I don't count some mixture with the consistency of porridge wrapped in a banana leaf to be a tamale. It seemed more like a side of mashed sweet potatoes with a odd wrapper. The pork tenderloin was excellent though. Very spicy and full of flavor punch, I was able to forgive the fact that, though I ordered medium, it came very much on the side of well-done. We filled ourselves up so much on dinner, we all opted out of dessert, deciding instead to hang out a little bit longer before heading home.

Yes, Wednesday turned out to be a great day. I got to see both my parents, enjoy the nice weather and have some great food in the process.