Sunday, September 25, 2005

A few of my favorite local eats, so far. By "local", I mean "easy walking distance". I know that by sticking to my local stomping ground, I am missing out on the eats a bit farther from my home, but with dozens upon dozens of restaurants an easy walk away, it's hard to even get the initiative up to hop on a train. Anyways:

  • Little Red Hen Bakery - I can already tell that, when we move, I will miss this place. Just 1 block from my house, they make the best baked sweets I've found around. Their muffins, especially their fruit ones, kick all sorts of ass. We probably go more than we should ;)
  • Uncle Moe's - Okay, they're not the best Mexican around, even by far. But they're about a block and half away, have an excellent $5.00 Mole Poblano Enchilada special and their rice and beans are actually really good (not bland filler, like at most places).
  • Neidre's - They get mention for, among many other good offerings, the Woodstock. A yummy blend of chipotle spiked hummos, avacados, cheese and some veggies, the Woodstock is a veggie sandwich which beats out their meat offerings, by far. (Though their Farmer John sandwich, with turkey, apples and cheddar came very close). Oh, and we can see them from our window ;)
  • Mr. Falafel - With a name like that, you can guess the best thing on the menu. Their lunch special hits you with some awesome falafel, nice and creamy baba ghanoush and well...some overly tahini flavored hummos. But throw in some pita and a salad, all for about $6.00 and it's a deal I willl take them up on again.

In non-food related stuff, thanks to Lauren (the defective one) and Maura for coming by to visit!! it was awesome to see some Cleveland folks again :) We all grabbed some good sandwiches from the above mentioned Neidre's and munched them in Prospect Park. An excellent afternoon. Hope you both enjoyed your cultural trip to the Museum ;)