Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I hate to leave everyone in suspense, so here's what went on last night (I didn't work monday night, so I didn't have a chance to talk with the owner).

First of all, to dispell all fears: there was no drama. No throwing of chairs, no screaming. He completely understood my reasons for leaving, apologized for the whole thing, thanked me for being a gentleman about it and, at the end of the night, he paid me out for all the time I'd worked (at a median rate of $10.00/hr). We left with no hard feelings between the two of us. So, though I doubt I'll be back since the food really didn't do much for me, personally, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable or weird going there. I also got a chance to drop off my phone # with the sous-chef, who I'd gotten along with really well. He plays guitar, so him and I agreed to get together and jam for a bit.

Quitting a job can kind of be like breaking up with a significant other, so I am very glad that the last two jobs I've had, I've left on good terms.

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated with what happens next.