Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh to be young and wanted...

As all of you know, since the move to New York, I've been on the lookout for a restaurant gig. One of my earliest hits came when I was hired in to work at a new restaurant, opening up just a short 15 minute bike ride away. I got along with the owner and his take on food (think simple and seasonal) jived with my own. In short, it looked like a good gig. The only problem was that I was, at the time, hired on nothing but his word and there was no definite date for the restaurant to open.

So, I kept looking.

I ended up next talking with another restaurant, literally a 2 minute walk from my house. It was a great little place which mainly does a lunch crowd, who were looking for someone to take over the PM shift. The owner was very nice and I even worked a (free) test shift, to see how I liked it and how they liked me. I really did like it. The people were nice and the food was really fun. The only problem was that it would be 6 days a week. The shifts would be short (about 6 hours),but only day off would be monday, when I'd have school. So I would have no days without school or work.

Not fun.

So, to help with my decision, in the meantime, the 1st restaurant called me back, wanting me to come in and set a schedule (to start next week). After much thought, I decided to go with my first choice. Granted, there are some disadvantages. For example, I'll be working longer hours ( 8 hour shifts on weekdays, 11 on Sunday), but then I will be only working 4 days a week, leaving me Saturday free. The main entrees are also, though interesting, not as much my schtick (all meat and fish, no veggie entree options). But, the owner also has a very open ended menu system, leaving lots of chances to experiment (if I get to that point where I want to try and voice my opinion).

Anyways, that's been where my mind has been at for the last few days. Not much else going on. I waited in the hell that is the New York State DMV for over 2 hours today, to be given a paper slip that's supposed to be my new driver's license, until I get the real one mailed to me (granted, I knew this was happening, as Genevieve went through it a few weeks ago).

Saying that ("a few weeks ago") is so weird to me, as it reminds me that we've really not been here that long. It seems like, with all the life changes, that we must've been here soo much longer. But, in truth, all of this craziness has happened within less than a month. I haven't even started school yet.

Well, until next time.