Monday, September 26, 2005

Thanks to everyone for their comments of support! I was going to put this in the comments of the last post, but it was just too long.

As Genevieve mentioned, I didn't walk out because I would not have gotten paid if I did. Also, I was at work, I was ready to go, I just thought it would be best if I simply accepted what he said and got on with my job (I'm bullheaded like that). There was stuff that needed to be done at work and I just felt I needed to get on with that while I got my head straight. It wasn't till I was biking home and had a chance to think that all the frustration and indignation started piling up on me.

And you're right, Susan, I could easily get something else for $8.00 a hour. Shoot, the job I turned down was 8 an hr, under the table. Right now, I'd be getting 8 - taxes and such. Getting another job isn't my worry, I've seemed to have no problems in that department. I just needed some time (luckily, I have today off) to think about it. Tofu, to his credit, I do think it's a disorganization thing. I knew he'd be like that from the day I came in to work and it turned out he thought he was talking to a guy coming in for an interview (even though I'd already interviewed a few days prior). I could also get into the mass chaos that has been trying to open the restaurant (it was supposed to open 2 weeks ago and is (supposedly) finally opening for more than just dinner today. I guess I'd hoped it would not be something which would effect me and my job.

Part of the reason I didn't quit there and needed time to think was that I really didn't know if I'd be quitting 'cause my ego was bruised. I mean, I'll admit it, getting a severe pay cut on my 5th day was a huge hit to the ego, especially since I'd considered myself working my ass off while I was there (even while many leaned around and talked). I did not want to walk away like a little kid because my feelings were hurt.

But, even if I can't deny the above will factor in, I have decided to quit simply because I can't trust him. From the get-go, I set up a series of rules: I needed 1 day off from school and work and I could only work 4 days a week. He set up a rule too: that I would be paid at a rate for $12.00 a hour. Right now, all of these have been broken. I just can't trust that he won't schedule me for a day I request off or, in fact, that pay might not come up again later. The place is going to have a hard time of it for the first few months, just trying to survive, and I can't trust that i will get paid as promised. I can easily see requests to hold off a few days on getting paid or asking to not cash a check until after a few days.

So, tomorrow, I am going to go in and tell him, make it clear that I will work out the week, provided he pays me for my time at the end of it and -sigh- begin looking for something else again. I'm not worried about finding it, just a look into Craigslist yesterday pulled up things I'd be qualified for and like to do. I just wish this place had worked out.