Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This post will be short, as I'm currently sapping wi-fi from a neighbor, which they could catch on to any moment and shut me down.

Anyways, I have a new job. It'll start this Saturday...or this Thursday. Not quite sure. You see, it's a restaurant "startup". They haven't opened yet and the guy's not quite sure when they will, though he's shooting for this Saturday. But there might be a party on Thursday for it that he might need me for. I should know more tomorrow. It sounds like it could be alot of fun (the owner is about my age and wants to do American Bistro sort of fare), providing everything takes off. We shall see. Saturday, I will be working, though I don't know if it'll be cooking or helping clean up the place.

I also got a chance to bike around our neighborhood, which was really fun. For being such a populated place, New York (or, at least, our neighborhood in Brooklyn) is suprisingly bike-able. Not once was I skimmed by a car or subject to an intolerant driver. Pedestrians, well, they're another story, as most of them feel comfortable basically walking into an oncoming bike. I did encounter a few a**holes who thought the bike lane (and there IS usually one :) was just another place to park. Seeing as parking is a nightmare around here, I didn't mind this too much..except for the jerkoff who thought it was time to move from his "space" right as I was passing him. I got to have my first experience cursing someone out loudly in New York. I feel like a native ;)

That's about it for now. Our new furniture is being delivered from Ikea tomorrow. I am looking forward to finally getting some of these boxes of books and cd's off the ground and onto some shelving.