Saturday, September 10, 2005

Yah! My geeky, but beautiful, wife got the wireless working. So, we are now flying free and wireless on our own connection.

Not too much has been going on the last few days. I was supposed to work today, but that didn't pan out. Apparently, all the times I was calling him, asking questions like "when do you want me to come into work?", the owner thought I was someone who was coming in for an interview. Yes, it turns out they won't need me until "the middle of next week." So, with the vagueness of this whole gig, I am on the lookout for other things. I will keep this place as a backup, if someone doesn't pop up, but I can already see this being the schedule-less just-call-me-everyday-to-come-in situations that drove me mad with my first restaurant job. Again, I am not ruling it out, just looking to see what else is out there.

Other than that, Genevieve's mom has been visiting since Friday, so we've been showing her what little of our city we know. We went up the Green Market this morning (where we got some wonderful Artisanal cheeses, a first taste for me), then walked around the lush Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, which certainly transport you out of the busy city. Oh, we also went up to an awesome Indian place last night called Banjara, thus breaking the streak of bad indian places we've had since moving here. Living in a city like New York, with an impossible number of options for going out to eat, it's hard to cook at home, even for someone who loves to cook. For, as much as I love to cook, I love to eat just as much, especially new things. I did make some awesome pickled jalapenos last night though (which I then used some of this afternoon, served over homemade refried black beans. yummy)

That's about it for now. Hope everything is going well back in Cleveland. I miss Tremont quite a bit still, even though I am increasingly comfortable in my new surroundings. It's just tough to go without a loaf of Christopher's Bakery bread, or City Roast coffee..not to mention all my friends. When one of you all come to visit, please bring one of the above ;)