Monday, October 03, 2005

Sadly, there's not been much news on the job front. I had an interview today with a cheese shop that seemed really promising (good hours, no crazy kitchen environment and I would get to learn about lots of artisanal cheese), but sadly, they were supposed to call me back this evening, but never did.

I do have another interview scheduled for tomorrow at a chocolate shop (high class, not like Malley's). In addition, I have another scheduled for thursday at a bakery just down the street. At this point, I'm looking for work that will increase my general food knowledge, instead of kitchen knowledge. Maybe I just want something where I can count on getting home at a decent time, who knows.

Oh, I have a nice bottle of hard cider I bought today that I've decided to hold on to until I get a new job. I hope to get to open it soon.

School has been going well. We've been dealing with butchering meats these past few days. It's an area I (obviously) have very little experience in so, as school should be, it's been a learning experience. The first day of it, when i was behind most, it was also a very humbling experience. But, by the second day, I was doing significantly better and was not among the last to get done with their cuts of meat.

Halloween is starting to get in the air and my mind has been turning to what I'm going to do this year. There's a ton to do in New York, so it's all a matter of picking what to do of the myraid of events (and what won't cost me $30 or so). I'm interested to find out how trick-or-treating works around here. Our neighborhood is very kid-infested, so I hope to see all the goblins outside, but we'll see.

Anyways, at this point I'm rambling. More later.