Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A bit more on our trip to Rosa Mexicano (see previous blog entry):

I was actually suprised by this meal by my loving wife, who made reservations there in celebration of our seven year "getting together" anniversary.

We started out meal out with their famous guacamole, which they make tableside. At $14.00 an order (which feeds two), you are paying as much for the theater of it as the dish itself. The waiter's hands move about accurately and oh-so-quickly, it's truly fun to watch. It's then served in the traditional molcajete in which it was made.

We also got a bottle of wine to share (their bottle prices were very reasonable, making it truly more economical to get the whole bottle). It was a Petite Syrah from Southern California and, though I was nervous at first (since hotter climates tend to yield sickly sweet wines), it was a good bottle. It had a bit of tannins, not too much and only a little bit of the blackberry I thought would overpower it. Genevieve liked it, as well, but somehow I ended up finishing most of it and was just a little tipsy ;)

For our meals, Genevieve got a stuffed poblano dish, which was very tasty. I ended up getting one of the specials (it was "chocolate month" on their list), a pork enchillada with a chocolate-tinged sauce. It was excellent and very rich.

We finished the meal off by splitting a chocolate souffle, served with a tomatillo sauce (which was, despite the weirdness, really good. The citrus taste of the tomatillos worked really well with the chocolate). It also had a scoop of ice cream on the side, though I can't remember what it was.

Though certainly a step-up, price wise, from your average mexican place, the flavors, the atmosphere, and the service was all well above average and made it all worth it :)