Monday, November 21, 2005

I know it's been awhile since I blogged last, so I'll try to take everyone up to speed.

School has been going well. I've finished module 2 (of 6) at school. Module 3 began with a little breakfast cookery and now we're on to simulation line cooking. I have to admit, I was very nervous about it, though my fears were completely unnecessary (as I've been a line cook before, so it's nothing new to me). Overall, it's been going very well.

Work, as well, has been going well. I've picked up an extra day a week for the holiday season. I worried, at first, that the extra time would be too much, but it's really been not that bad. I enjoy work and the people I work with. I only hope I'm doing well there, to them. I get to give my cheese knowledge a twirl at home this Thanksgiving in preparing a cheese plate for dinner. I won't reveal my list yet, but it's sure to be some fun stuff :) I work tomorrow and wednesday, both of which should be crazy busy. But, I kind of like it that way. The time goes by way faster.

Since the last post, Genevieve and I also celebrated our 7th "getting together" anniversary. We've now been an item for 7 years :) To celebrate, we went out to this Mexican restaurant, which I've owned the cookbook from for quite awhile: Rosa Mexicano. I'll post more on this later....

Unfortunately, not too much has been happening outside of that. Genevieve and I have gotten some work done around the house and I've been watching lots of horror flicks and playing video games. Thank you tivo and Dreamcast.

Oh, so I am on my ..who knows what number..attempt to make these meringues. I've employed all the techniques I've learned in class and still the last batch flattened out. It's all a bit frustrating. I'm here, paying lots of money, learning classical french cooking techniques and I still can't keep a meringue up in oven. Here's hoping this batch turns out better.

I'm kind of babbling now, so I'll end.
Oh yea, I'm looking forward to coming home for Christmas. Seeing friends and family. I can practically taste the Great Lakes beer now ;)