Sunday, November 06, 2005

Just for Adam, my first New York Burger report.

I'd heard of the joint, Island Burger from the Food Network, even before we moved to the city. It is supposed to be one of the best burger joints in the city and, with over 60 different burgers on the menu, it had a stack of expectations to live up to.

Genevieve and I both ordered a malted shake, sandwich (obviously, she got a veggie one which I will not report on here) and split an order of guac, salsa and chips.

The malts were excellent. Genevieve even went so far as proclaiming them "better than Tommy's!", which is saying something considering we both consider Tommy's to serve the best shakes in Cleveland. The ice cream was rich and tasty and thick enough to cause some trouble getting it through the straw, but not enough your mouth hurt when you were done.

The chips dish was kind of wasn't bad, but didn't do anything for me and the chips, themselves, were overly saltly.

Now..the main course, the burger. I ordered mine seasoned with cajun spices and topped with bacon, blue cheese and avocados. It came out, a bit over my request for medium, but once I bit into it, I didn't mind. The burger was juicy, spicy and fact..taste of real meat (as opposed to bad burgers, which taste like cardboard). It was also a horrible mess, with avocado sliping and sliding everywhere. Did it overwhelm it's bun, leaving it a soggy (but yummy) mess? Eh..not so much. Though the bottom bun all but disappeared, the top stayed with it till the end (read my Stevenson's blog for more info on this). I don't fault the burger for this though. The bun was just too substantial, too much for it to take on. Now, would I call it better than Stevenson's? I don't know. I would more call it different. Stevenson's, or most Cleveland places, would not offer such "fancy toppings" as avocados, their ticket is with basic, down to earth, burgers. Island Burger is looking to offer something more. Definitely a tasty burger, any way you eat it.