Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I just finished running my first holiday retail gauntlet. As everyone knows, the holidays are busy for retail jobs and Murray's was no exception. It was definitely an...experience. All in all, I came out with no damage done. I held my own and managed to get through without having to ask too many questions (really, the only ones being about PLU #'s or location of cheeses that moved). But, it was harsh. We ran out of all but our most bland bries (which is saying something, as we carry about 3 or 4 different kinds at any different time)..then, when those ran out, we started promoting our triple-cremes as an alternative (of which we had 3 different kinds, as well)..only to run out of those. This was how busy it was. We were running out of stuff left and right and by the end of the night, the normally overflowing cheese case was looking more than a little scant. I ended up having to switch some of my holiday cheeses based on this. So, unfortunately, no one in the house will get to enjoy the Brie de Meaux (probably the best brie out there) I planned on bring home. I tried to choose some good alternatives which I hope everyone will enjoy.

Though I admit some sick part of me really enjoyed the onslaught of people and having to hustle, I am glad to have tomorrow off :)