Saturday, November 05, 2005

You know those tv channels which seem like nothing but Top 10 lists (-ahem- Discovery channel)? Well, though I've done it numerous times in the past, I'm doing it again, as well. Another top 10 listing to suck up blog space.

Top 5 Cheeses (that you should try...if you eat cheese ;)
My Favorite Cheeses (currently)
In no particular order

  • Cabrales - Blue cheese wrapped in leaves. Saltly, crumbly and pungent (though not enough to knock you over). Everything a good blue should be.
  • Monte Enebro - Goat's cheese. Semi-soft and ooh so goaty, it's kind of an aquired taste. I still do more 'tastings' of this at work than are needed ;) Not too sweet like younger goat cheeses either.
  • English Farmhouse cheddar - NOT bright orange, NOT sold in a brick. Real cheddar. Even has a little mold in it. Yummy. Taste this and you'll never go back to Kraft.
  • Rocblue - Yea, I know, another blue. But this one is *way* different from cabrales. Has the buttery taste of brie with some of that blue twang. A perfect combination.
  • Brie de Nangis - Speaking of brie...this is brie the way it's meant to taste. Absolutely exploding with mushroom flavors. Nothing about this cheese is subtle.
  • Fiore Sardo - I had to sneak one hard cheese in here. A spanish cheese with a nice nut and herbiness. I recommend this to people who want a good grating cheese that's not Parm.

Next week..I learn to count.