Tuesday, December 20, 2005

In non-work or school news, I just wanted to quickly say that Weyerbacher makes a kick-ass beer called Prophecy. It's aged in bourbon oak barrels and is amazingly good. It has a very wine-like nose, some toffee flavors up front and then oak hits you in it's round finish. Often, I've found aged beers to be too wine-like in their flavors, resulting in a very astringent drink, but this one is nicely balanced.

It's also another example of how "ice cold beer!" is probably the worst way to serve it. As with beer or wine with a decent amount of complexity, all of that is lost when the drink is cold. You get none of the subtleties. I found this one to be best when out of the fridge for about half an hour.

My only complaint is that the beer is a little rich. It's sold only in 12 oz. bottles and, truthfully, I couldn't imagine drinking more of it than that in a sitting. They do make another oak aged beer called Insanity that I'm looking forward to trying.

Until then!