Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's happened...
For those who haven't heard, the transportation workers' union has gone on strike, completely cutting off all subway and bus service. Luckily, I don't have to work tonight (and I was up till 1am getting Christmas packages together to mail today), so I skipped heading into the city for school. But, I'm already planning how I'll handle both work and school tomorrow. Right now, I'm thinking I'll bike. If I can handle the 7 mile trek in (which should be no problem, considering I used to do 12 when I worked at West) , then the short hop from school to Murray's should be no prloblem.

My secondary worry is for Murray's though. This is the holiday season, our busiest time of the year *and* most of our business is from commuters in Grand Central. Each day the strike is on, we're (I imagine) losing thousands of dollars. This is to say nothing of the small vendors out there who hawk papers and the like at the bus stops, who will be completely out of work. Last time (in the 1980's) a strike like this happened, it went on for 11 days. I can't imagine if that all repeated today.

For those who are wondering how such a vital service can be shut off, well, it's not supposed to be able to happen. In fact, it's illegal and those who strike will be fined twice their pay each day it goes on. But that doesn't keep the union from doing it. For what? For benefits most of us can't even imagine getting, let alone stop working if we didn't get.

Well, tomorrow is another day and, if it's still going on, I'll be bundling up and heading out.