Monday, December 12, 2005

So today was our Grand Buffet at school. To give you some background, last week we spent most of our time preparing terrines, with aspic gelee and otherwise, as well as pates. It was very stressful and intense work. On Friday, we all left class with a fridge full of goodies (or, as good as something which is the equivilent of meat jello can be).

Then, this monday, we came in.....
to discover the fridge had died over the weekend, completely killing all of our work.

In a rush, the chef orchestrated a new buffet filled with more typical appetizer fare (crab cakes, samosas, grilled chicken on skewers). All in all, it went over well, though everyone was a little disappointed not to see their hard work brought to fruition.
That's not to say everyone started crying, as well..nobody really wanted to *eat* that stuff. Except, of course, the fois gras.

The champagne we had helped too...