Thursday, June 23, 2005

Last Night's Show

Thanks much to all the folks who came out to the Rain Nightclub show last night! I don't think we've had that much fun performing in a long time. We had a great time and hope you did too. It was really nice to see so many familiar and friendly faces :)

Special thanks to: DJ Nomad (for spinning such awesome tunes), Fluxmonkey, Thieves like Me (sorry about f*cking up your name!), Geo and, of course, Mike/Tofu for organizing the event.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Subliminal Self show tonight!

Reminder: We'll be playing tonight (June 22nd) at Rain Nightclub (4142 Lorain Ave. in Cleveland). Show starts at 8:00pm and admission is only $3.00.

Also performing will be: Fluxmonkey ("cajoling sonic mutantmachines of his own devise") and Thieves Like Me ("laptops and other goodies -- leaving the orbit of the knob twiddler for greener pastures").

Spinning before/between/after the bands will be DJ Nomad.

This is our first show since October of last year, so we'd love to see you out! We'll be debuting a few new songs off our upcoming EP, as well as the old favorites you've come to know and love.

Until then!


Monday, June 20, 2005

Quick blog entry today...

Heads up!
Cleveland's bizarre electro-pop duo, Furnace St., have posted their (supposedly) final album 'Extroversion' as a web-only release. They claim it to be their "best record" and I am strongly inclined to agree. I've been listening to this thing since last night and it's, frankly, amazing. The fact that the band broke up prior to the album's release makes it's greatness a little bittersweet, but it's still definitely worth checking out. And hey, you cheap-o's, it's free, so go download it already. (They do ask that you download the album in it's entirety and since there's not a bad song here, there's no reason why you shouldn't.)

For those who haven't heard Furnace St., it's kind of difficult to explain their sound. Try mashing the best of 80's new wave with some indie rock, lots of electronic noises and a little bit of industrial, just for good measure. It's a whirlwind of styles that works perfectly.

And it's available here
Download it.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

I know, I've gone to Chicago and back and no blog entry yet. I completely suck.

Truly, it's been pretty busy at work and home, so I haven't had too much time. For the sake of not appearing dead, I will post some quick notes from our Chicago trip. Overall, the city didn't impress me that much. Sure, the Lincoln Park and Wicker Park areas were great and the Maxwell Street Market (imagine a flea market, except all the food stands there were serving deliscious tacos, tortas, tamales and the like) was like a dream come true, but the city lacked a certain feeling. It's the feeling I get when going to Toronto or San Diego that I really can't explain, but endears a city to me. Maybe it was that the public transportation was just like a bigger version of Cleveland's RTA (continually late and smelling like pee) or that it lacked the near-downtown residential neighborhoods that I love so much about Cleveland.
There were some culinary high points though:

  • The Indo-Pak community on Devon Ave. Imagine, if you will, a distance of about 3 city blocks (or so) filled with Indian Restaurants (including a few Indian sweets shops. I have a weakness for Indian sweets. I'd go so far as to say they were my favorite kind of treats ever. So, a store selling nothing but was pure bliss. Somehow we walked out of one with a full pound of milkfudge. I still haven't figured that one out.) Genevieve, obviously, was in heaven and wanted to try all the restaurants, though we settled on one called India Garden, which was very good.
  • The previously mentioned Maxwell Street Market. At first, I was a bit lost, as most people were speaking very rapid Spanish and, in the flurry of activity, I had trouble figuring out the ordering system for the food stands. But, I eventually figured it out (as well as the fact that most vendors were very happy to explain things to me, in english). I started out with a yummy snack of grilled corn, covered in crema, some sort of flakey mexican cheese and chili. I'd read about this sort of street food in my cookbooks, but its high fat content had kept me from making it at home. Pierced on a stick, it was a great snack while wandering around the market though. Next up, I grabbed possibly the biggest taco ever, filled with beef simmered in a mole rojo sauce. The tortillas were homemade, as well (in fact, they were being made right there, on a huge cast iron plate), which is, as always, 100X better than store bought. After browsing the various bootleg items there, I settled on a tamale shop (yes, I was a complete pig). I ended up getting two pork tamales with red sauce (for the low low price of 0.75 a piece. nice.) These were, unfortunately, really dry and I caught a good gob of fat in one of them. Not very good. I finished things off with a churro (mexican deep-fried dough, basically, a donut). Again, this was a disappointment. They must've been sitting out all day, as they were very dry and chewy. All in all, I stuffed myself for just under 9.00, I was pleased.
  • Okay, not a high point, but a bit of a complaint. I understand that Mr. Rick Bayless is hot property and has been so for quite some time. To find out if we need reservations for his restaurant, Frontera Grill, we pop on over to their site, where they say that, for small parties, that you do not need reservations. So, we head on over there for dinner on Saturday night. Now, granted, it was a saturday night, but it was also after 9:00pm, well after the big 7:00pm dinner rush. Still, upon arriving, we get told there was a 2-hour wait for a table!! You know, we wouldn't have minded making reservations, but if people are going to need them, you need to *tell them*! The evening was not a complete wash though. We walked down the street and had our real Chicago deep-dish pizza experience, over at Gino's East. I'd had what Pizza Hut and the like consider deep-dish before and this was nothing like that. The dough was so dense, it bordered on cakey. I am a big fan of pizzas of all sorts and I love their 1-piece-almost-makes-a-meal huge chunks of crust, sauce and cheese.

That's it for now. I may blog more random thoughts are the week goes on.


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I am quite geeked right now. You see, I just got my autographed copy of Shotgun Wedding's album 'A Big World of Fun'.

Oh, hold on, let me rewind a bit here...

For one, I am not the sort to generally go crazy over an autograph. Probably the only other signed item I've owned is a NON poster, signed by Boyd Rice. I've had the chance to get autographs from alot of other artists, many of whom I like quite a deal, but it's just not my thing. If I get to meet someone whose music/book/movie I like, I am happy to just have the memory of meeting them, I don't really need them to sign their name on a product in order to make that memory more real. (note: Dad might comment in here how I used to go to comic conventions, when I was a young goob, and get comics signed. That was a different story, that was a commodity ;)

Anyways, this one is kind of special. You see, a few weeks ago, I ordered a cd by this band Moon Seven Times from When I received it, enclosed with the cd was a note, telling me that the mother of the singer of Moon Seven Times (Lynn Canfield) was selling some of her daughter's cds on ebay. Namely, the last cd Lynn produced, this time under the band name Shotgun Wedding. (To make things more confusing, I should point out that I got into all of this through the band Area, who also had Lynn Canfield on vocals and is an excellent example of ethereal goth 80's stuff. Projekt Records material before Projekt Records existed). So, I think my joy in this cd isn't so much in the autograph, but the process. That one person tipped off another (me) to a good deal and then the knowledge that, somewhere in Illinois, this person's mom (who, other than the cd's, sells jewelry on ebay) brought this to her daughter to sign. It almost makes the whole thing more personal than if I had just gotten it at some show, if that makes any sense.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sorry about the lack of posts on this blog lately. Not been feeling too well the last few days (afraid I caught something from Genevieve, who was sick over this past weekend).

Will blog more soon...
(in the meantime, if you want to check out reviews of movies I've seen recently, check out this)