Friday, January 20, 2006

I had a great birthday yesterday. Thanks so much to those who called, e-mailed, etc. to wish me well!
I got some great gifts, including sil-pads (the ultimate in non-stick) and a great Projekt cd I was listening to on the train today. I also got a hand mixer, which I'd been wanting for awhile, but never picked up. Thanks Susan!

To celebrate, Genevieve and I went out to a place in Park Slope called Al Di La. They're an italian restaurant, considered to be one of the best restaurants in the area and they definitely lived up to the hype. I was a bit worried though, as they'd recently gotten a good review in the NYT and were, based on online reviews, kind of infamous for their wait. But, even arriving at 7pm, we were seated promptly in their family styl tables.I started out with a dish of grilled polenta and salt cod, which was excellent (though Genevieve had to comment that the salt cod looked like gefilte fish ;) Genevieve had an imported radiccio salad, which was a bit tart, but otherwise yummy.
For my main course, I had a glass of red wine and pork loin, served with a pan sauce, sage and proscuttio. For her main entree, Genevieve got beet ravioli and, despite being nervous (beets are one of those things that can either be amazingly good or gross and it's a very thing line. They're a vegetable I have yet to master, though I will continue to work on it. Because, when they're good, they're really good. Earthy, sweet and vibrant. And yes, her ravioli was all of these things). Finishing things off, we had a pear tart with whipped cream and a plate of three gelatos (Honey - which Genevieve loved, Ginger and Early Grey. I was very wary of the latter, but it turned out to be really good. I would never have thought). It was a really comfortable and enjoyable experience and I wouldn't hesistate to go back.

In other news, I have now finished Module 4 - Baking and Pastry! Unfortunately, I work tonight, so having a large drink, as I often do to celebrate, is out of the question, but I am happy to be done with it. At the beginning, I was really excited and the relaxed pace was nice, but I dunno..I'm just tired of sweets and looking forward to getting back to cooking. Next and last in-school module is International cuisine. Should be alot of fun.