Tuesday, February 14, 2006

For those who remember, way back in November, I posted a list of my favorite cheeses. I'd only been working at Murray's for a few weeks, so it was kind of a list of the best of the best of the very meager amount of cheeses I'd tried. Well, today, the Murray's staff r/c'ed an e-mail asking for our favorite cheeses. I replied and, looking back, it's strange that none of the cheeses I originally listed are on there. So, for an update, here's my current top five cheeses you should seek out and try (with links this time!)

  • Cato Corner's 'Hooligan' - This dairy is a regular at our Green Market, where they tout quite a few cheeses we don't have at the store, almost all of which are awesome (though their 'Bridgid's Abbey' leaves me kind of "ehh.."). The Hooligan is my favorite of the ones we carry. It's a wash rind cheese, which means it has a little pungency and meatiness to it. Creamy and full flavored, without being over-the-top.
  • Pecorino Ginepro- Hard sheep's cheese bathed in balsamic vinegar and juniper. Sour, sweet and salty all at once. A strange cheese, but an excellent break from the more standard pecorinos.
  • Aged Mettowee - An aged goat cheese from the Consider Bardwell farms. Their website is sadly lacking in any sort of info, so I've decided not to include it. The cheese itself is semi-hard with a tough, bitey rind and a rich dense inside. A welcome alternative to all those lemony young goat cheeses.
  • Strathdon Blue - An intense meaty blue from Scotland. Creamy and rich with lots of that blue cheese punch.
  • Rolf Beeler's 'Hoch Ybrig' - Probably, hands down, the best alpine-style (think Gruyere, Emmentaler, Appenzeller) cheese we carry. Sharp and complex, beats normal Gruyere into the ground. Would make an awesome mac and cheese addition, if you have the $$.

That's it for now folks, enjoy!
and eat lots of cheese!