Saturday, February 11, 2006

More work stuff..

For those with a good high speed connection. Check out Food Tv's online episode of "Eat This with Dave Lieberman"
It's available Here

Note: Before anyone asks, I believe this to be an online-only episode, so don't expect to see it on Food Network at any point. You do get to see Murray's Bleeker location as well as my boss.

For those who would like to see Murray's on FoodNetwork, check out 'Boy Meets Grill' on March 16th. This episode features the Grand Central location where I work. Again, this was filmed before I worked there, but still, it should be fun.
More info available here here

As an odd twist, the building in which I will be doing my externship, Chelsea Market, is also the home of the FoodNetwork. There's a little elevator there with their logo plastered on the entrance. I've talked with at least one employee there who frequents the place in which I will be working. Should be alot of fun.