Sunday, March 12, 2006

This past week marked my first week of my new 6-day externship schedule. Three days a week I work at the Cleaver Company for my externship, three days a week I'm at Murray's Cheese and then, on Sunday, I day off.

I somehow managed to make my first week the hardest though. While still in school, I volunteered for a couple of events, not paying attention to the dates. Turns out, they were both this week. The first was assisting at a Beer and Cheese pairing class at Murray's. The class was taught by my manager at Grand Central, Tom, as well as Garrett Oliver (of Brooklyn Brewing Company). They're both very opinionated, energetic and entertaining guys and they put on a great class. I was in charge of assisting in the setup of the class, pouring beers during the class and helping clean up afterwards. For my work, I got to watch the class for free and sample some awesome pairings. Truthfully, though it marked one of my two 13 hour days that week, it was alot of fun and I can't complain too much about an event which filled me with lots of free, good beer.

The other 13 hour day was when I assisted Chef Torres of Suenos during "A Slice of Latin America", a gala event at the Hyatt featuring a ton of local restaurants as well as some auctions, all to benefit the Committee for Hispanic Children and Families (tickets were $350 a pop. As a volunteer, I got in for free). It was a great chance to taste a wide selection of what's going on in New York, in ways of Latin cuisine, as well as get a chance to network a little bit. Again, it was a very long day and I came home worn from being on my feet for 13 hours straight (literally, in both these instances, I went from work to..well, work)., but it was a great time and I'd so it again. I'm just glad I don't have to ;)

As for the Cleaver Company, that's been great, as well. I was worried, going in on Monday, that perhaps I wouldn't like it..maybe I should have gone in there for another session of trailing. But, as usual, all the worry was for nothing. I really enjoy the work and the people and it's very laid back, making it a perfect second job. That said, I will be glad to finish all this externship stuff up and get on to working one full time job, which I've not done since August of last year.

That's about it for now. Today, we relaxed, got brunch at this local restaurant called Beso, had some yummy chocolate desserts at the Chocolate Room and got the house picked up a bit. I look forward to next week being more low key.

Well, except the Winter Career Fair at my school tomorrow, I guess I can spare a few hours there....