Monday, July 10, 2006

It seems like I have spent half of my day writing. I wrote two articles for The Kitchen (to appear in the coming days) and now, here I am, writing this long overdue blog post.

Other than writing, it was quite an exciting day for me. I attended my first food trade show. On behalf of Murray's Cheese, I got to visit the 52nd Fancy Food Show. To call it "large and expansive" would not do it justice. "Huge" would be more like it, with speciality food producers of all types and from around the globe. I got a chance to say hello to a number of our suppliers and just had a really good time, wandering the isles, picking up samples along the way.

I'd also had a good time on Sunday, when Genevieve and I headed to Long Beach to spend the day at the beach. Though I don't have the attachment to the ocean that Genevieve has, I had a great time swimming in the ocean waves. We are both a little burned though.

In other news, it's been over a year since I last performed with Greyson as Subliminal Self and I find myself missing it. The smoky clubs, rude soundmen, I miss it all. I've started working on new music, but without another person to push me along the way, I've been slow going.