Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Last night was my final day working for Murray's Cheese. Today, I start a new job at a cafe in Brooklyn. Though I am excited to be doing something new, in a way, I'm also feeling a bit sad about the whole thing. To me, it marks the end of a certain continuity I had going since we moved to New York. First, there was school, then Murray's, then my externship, where I continued on at Murray's. Once my externship ended, I started working even more at the cheese shop. My entire New York experience, from school, to my first city winter and summer was encased within this time I spent there. When I came home from work last night, I felt out of sorts, like I was unsure of my place here. It's the same feeling I had before I started working.

I'm actually glad I chose not to take any time off between jobs. Though a break is always nice, I don't think it's what I need right now. I need to pick up and immediately start down this new road. Nostalgia aside, it'll be exciting, for sure.

In other news, I've started working on music again, with a possible new collaborator (who will, once again, provide vocals and perhaps occasional guitar). Though I did spend most of my morning simply doodling with ideas, it's getting my brain going in that direction again, which is a good thing. There's nothing recorded yet, though I do have a few new song sketches. I'll be sure to post them, once things progress.

I'm also looking forward to a mini-vacation up to Ithaca next weekend. Genevieve and I went up there once before, around this time of year and absolutely fell in love with the area. It's a beautiful area full of good food and will be an even more welcome diversion from the craziness of the city.

Hope everyone is doing well! I'd say I promise to post more, but that seems to just curse things, as it means I'll not post in months! ;)