Monday, February 27, 2006

This is Genevieve temporarily hijacking Patrick's blog to remind everyone that tomorrow morning is Patrick's final practical for school and tomorrow evening is his graduation (technically not graduation since there's still the practical, but still a very big deal).

So - send him your best wishes, good luck, and congratulations in the comments!


Thursday, February 16, 2006

By the way, for those who are wondering if Patrick 'the cook' ate Patrick 'the musician' for dinner, I realize I've done 0 musically recently. Truthfully, there have been days where I've had some freetime to do it, but for me, it was always something I did for fun and I just can't switch it on and be like "I must work on music now or never!" So, Subliminal Self has kind of gone by the wayside.

I miss it (and Greyson!) terribly though. I had a great time doing it and have very fond memories of the whole experience. Well, okay, maybe not of the Pat's in the Flats show ;) But, for the indefinite future, it's just not happening and I doubt, when I do start working on it again, it'll be the same thing. Though I'd love to work with Greyson, synching both of our erratic musical outputs will be hard when it's hundred of miles apart. So, we'll see what happens.

Just wanted to say I hadn't forgotten.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

For those who remember, way back in November, I posted a list of my favorite cheeses. I'd only been working at Murray's for a few weeks, so it was kind of a list of the best of the best of the very meager amount of cheeses I'd tried. Well, today, the Murray's staff r/c'ed an e-mail asking for our favorite cheeses. I replied and, looking back, it's strange that none of the cheeses I originally listed are on there. So, for an update, here's my current top five cheeses you should seek out and try (with links this time!)

  • Cato Corner's 'Hooligan' - This dairy is a regular at our Green Market, where they tout quite a few cheeses we don't have at the store, almost all of which are awesome (though their 'Bridgid's Abbey' leaves me kind of "ehh.."). The Hooligan is my favorite of the ones we carry. It's a wash rind cheese, which means it has a little pungency and meatiness to it. Creamy and full flavored, without being over-the-top.
  • Pecorino Ginepro- Hard sheep's cheese bathed in balsamic vinegar and juniper. Sour, sweet and salty all at once. A strange cheese, but an excellent break from the more standard pecorinos.
  • Aged Mettowee - An aged goat cheese from the Consider Bardwell farms. Their website is sadly lacking in any sort of info, so I've decided not to include it. The cheese itself is semi-hard with a tough, bitey rind and a rich dense inside. A welcome alternative to all those lemony young goat cheeses.
  • Strathdon Blue - An intense meaty blue from Scotland. Creamy and rich with lots of that blue cheese punch.
  • Rolf Beeler's 'Hoch Ybrig' - Probably, hands down, the best alpine-style (think Gruyere, Emmentaler, Appenzeller) cheese we carry. Sharp and complex, beats normal Gruyere into the ground. Would make an awesome mac and cheese addition, if you have the $$.

That's it for now folks, enjoy!
and eat lots of cheese!


Saturday, February 11, 2006

More work stuff..

For those with a good high speed connection. Check out Food Tv's online episode of "Eat This with Dave Lieberman"
It's available Here

Note: Before anyone asks, I believe this to be an online-only episode, so don't expect to see it on Food Network at any point. You do get to see Murray's Bleeker location as well as my boss.

For those who would like to see Murray's on FoodNetwork, check out 'Boy Meets Grill' on March 16th. This episode features the Grand Central location where I work. Again, this was filmed before I worked there, but still, it should be fun.
More info available here here

As an odd twist, the building in which I will be doing my externship, Chelsea Market, is also the home of the FoodNetwork. There's a little elevator there with their logo plastered on the entrance. I've talked with at least one employee there who frequents the place in which I will be working. Should be alot of fun.


Monday, February 06, 2006

First of all, whoever has not read Genevieve's post about our trip to Queens, do so now. It's okay, I'll wait.

Done? Good. Anyways, as an addendum to all of that:
Getting around in the Corona neighborhood of Queens, I was completely embarassed by my lack of Spanish skills. Despite having a great cd and book set from my dad, I've just completely not had the time to sit down and learn it. Being someone interested in Mexican cooking and living in a city like New York, with such a high spanish speaking population, it's, to me, an almost inexcusable amout of ignorance. It truly makes me feel very limited in learning about a culture I am very much interested in. It's my hope that, after school, I can buckle down and learn it.

I did get a chance to completely clean my molcajete today. You see, being made of lava rock, there's still some sediment in there. This is cleaned up by grinding rice to powder in it, until the rice stops turning so gray. (Which, if you buy a cheap molcajete like I did last time, never....ever...happens). In this case though, it took about 2 rounds of it before it became clean and ready to go. I am very excited :)

I did more international exploring today, walking for awhile through Chinatown. Truly, other than in it's size and breadth of cuisine (which is impressive), Chinatown doesn't do much for me. Unless you're looking for some good food (though the grocery spots left me wary of the produce they carried) or cheap bootleg handbags, it's just that...alot of cheap junk. THough I wasn't able to resist when I saw a small stuffed Gizmo in a little shop in chinatown (a terribly geeky recreation of the beginning of the movie).

Tonight, we grabbed some awesome sushi at Blue Ribbon (the last time we went there was before we moved) and finished it off with a slice of cake and tea at Cococa Bar. THis was all to celebrate Genevieve's new job. Very exciting :)

That's it for now.